About Alison

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If you are looking for an intuitive guide as you explore this rabbit-hole called life, I am here for you. If you want to find your divine direction, commit to your spirit, and transform yourself, I am here for you. If you just want to know what Humpty Dumpty is saying to you, I am here for you. 

Passion, purpose, dreams, and self are all concepts I am ready and willing to explore with you. I want to share with you what I have learned through life, classes, books, relationships, and friendships (including those with spirit guides, guardian angels, and friendly fair folk), as well as learn from and with you as we journey together towards the Queen’s castle. I can use mediums such as tarot cards, oracles, and rune stones, but would rather teach you how to read these as maps to your own insight. I can help you be more creative, more compassionate, and/or more congruent with yourself and your environment.

My Mission

My mission is to nurture your wondrous self into seeing that all spirits are divine, including your own. I do this while keeping in mind five personal beliefs, which are reflected in the cornerstones to my business.

About Me

I’ve been working with energy and communicating with spirits since my early childhood, though I have only been reading tarot cards professionally since 2011. My list of mentors and teachers is almost as long at the list of books I want to read (unfortunately, I haven’t mastered temporal magic quite yet), and my love for teaching and tutoring inspired me to become an instructor in post-secondary education. It was very hard for me to fulfill my mission to help others see the brightness and sacred love that is in their own reflection in the formality of a composition classroom, however. As the Wheel of Life turns, I routinely find myself evaluating what works and doesn’t, and so in summer of 2019, I successfully completed the Spiritual Mentor-ship and Guidance Training Certificate program at Atlantic University. This program moved me to start my own business. At Wonderland Spiritual Mentoring, LLC, I very much look forward to helping people find their own wonder and sacred brightness. I also hold a ULC ordination (2020), a Reiki I Certificate (2018), as well as a B.S. from Purdue University (2005).