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Alison Akey, Spiritual Guide Serving Indianapolis & Central Indiana

Alison Akey, a spiritual guide in Indianapolis & Central Indiana, and owner of Wonderland Spiritual Mentoring, LLC, helps you to see your wonder within, your own abilities, and your dreams so you can find your purpose and your path forward. 

Through my spiritual mentoring offerings, I give you the tools and support you need to reconnect to your spiritual self.

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What I Can Do for You as a Spiritual Guide

Spiritual mentoring and divine guidance is a personalized experience for each individual. I help guide you through becoming more spiritually aware and consistent in your own divine practices. I utilize traditional and non-traditional spiritual and divination methods including mentoring, teaching, tutoring, and coaching, as well as other spiritual directive methods. I am certified in spiritual guidance and mentorship through Atlantic University; I also hold a ULC ordination and a Reiki I Certificate.

In spiritual guide work, needs and goals vary from client to client. For instance, one client may be stuck on grounding and centering, while another client may be experiencing a creativity block. I can help remove such blocks that are preventing you from moving forward on your divine path while utilizing techniques such as self reflection, meditation, and spirit grounding & centering. This investment in yourself propels you towards understanding divination and helping you live and practice your purpose.

I offer mentoring and tutoring topics including, but not limited to:

  • Understanding your dreams and other messages
  • Developing psychic abilities, including empath and intuitive gifts
  • Developing relationships with your spirit guides
  • Incorporating physical awareness and mental fitness with your spiritual path
  • Healing of spiritual scars caused by traumas
  • Cutting problematic energy cords

I focus on helping you take what you have learned during our mentoring sessions and reflecting those methods into your spiritual purpose and wondrous path. I work closely with clients to help you in determining effective spiritual methods and eliminating ineffective methods.

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“Where Should I Go?”

– Alice

“That Depends on Where You Want to End Up.”

– Cheshire Cat

Lewis Carroll

Divination Tools

An empath and intuitive, I implement divination tools and various psychic mediums into mentoring sessions with clients. I use tarot cards, oracle cards & sets, and runes to help you understand and navigate the paths you can take. If a client prefers not to incorporate divination into spiritual mentoring sessions, that option is welcomed. At times during sessions, tarot cards and oracle cards appear to me without having the deck in front of me and if the client is receptive, I can bring those messages to your attention.

I Specialize in Non-Traditional Methods for Clients

As a spiritual guide and mentor, I cater to clients with different abilities, neurological pathways, or non-traditional lives. I specialize in creating an individualized experience for clients when the traditional methods do not always work. For example, if conventional methods of meditation typically do not work for you, I can help guide you through an alternative meditation or spiritual method that better suits you and that you can implement into your divine journey.

I work with and guide clients of all faiths and religions. My guidance will not impede upon or contradict any of your religious or spiritual beliefs and teachings. Past and present clients range in beliefs from Earth-based faiths, to those of Abrahamic beliefs, to the mystics, and seekers of wisdom in all forms.

Testimonials from My Clients

20200419 DK
Capable of Working with the Contexts of Any Spiritual Setting

For those who are interested in some spiritual mentoring, I personally highly recommend Alison for this. She is sensitive, knowledgeable, and incredibly adept at stimulating spiritual health. Spiritual health during this time is very important (actually always, but especially now). If you are seeking a spiritual mentor, I do highly recommend Alison for such purposes. She is very capable of working with the contexts of any spiritual setting and context: my Jewish practice for example is not an impediment or contradiction to our meetings.

- D.K. 04/19/2020
20201130 PP
Alison Helps Those in Need with Her Intuition and Abilities

Alison does a wonderful job of reading tarot, using her intuition and her abilities to help those in need. She has helped me over the course of a few months and I've made tremendous progress. I truly do appreciate her expertise.

- P.P. 11/30/2020
20201221 WW
Alison's Advice Has Been Integral to My Development

Alison has been my mentor since last March. During this time, her advice on meditation and grounding has been integral in my development to become a better person.

- W.W. 12/21/2020
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